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 Fusion Unit Rentals


McElroy Mega Mac Fusion Units

  • Unit 2065-Joins 20-inch to 65 inch pipe.
  • Unit 1442-Joins 14-inch to 42 inch pipe.
  • Unit 1236-Joins 12-inch to 36 inch pipe.
  • Unit 824-Joins 8-inch to 24 inch pipe.

These units are available with or without diesel powered generators.

Self Contained McElroy Fusion Units

  • Unit 618-Joins 5-inch to 18-inch pipe.
  • Unit 412-Joins 4-inch to 12-inch pipe.

These units are self-contained with a gas powered generator as part of the unit.

Fusion Units Requiring External Generators

  • Connectra 28. This versatile fusion unit joins from 3-inch to 14-inch pipe  and
    is fully hydraulic.
  • Christie Unit 810. Joins from 2 inch to 8-inch pipe. Hand pump hydraulics.
  • McElroy 28. Joins 2 to 8-inch pipe.
  • McElroy 14 “Pit Bull”. Joins 1-inch to 4-inch pipe.

Generators Available

  • 65 KVA. Skid mounted diesel power.
  • 50 KVA. Skid mounted diesel power.
  • 6500 Watt. Gas powered with wheels on units for easy job site moving.

Specialty Units

  • McElroy Sidewinder for fusion of branch saddles and tapping tees.
  • Friatec Electro-fusion controllers.
  • Wagner Extrusion gun 6 Lbs/Hr.
  • KR-350 Portable Extruder. 22Lbs/Hr.
  • McElroy Data-Logger. Complete verification and logging of each fusion weld.
  • Socket Fusion heaters 1-inch to 4-inch diameters

Fusion Units may be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Long term and multi-unit rentals are appropriately discounted or rebates are offered. All rentals are subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement of FUSION SUPPORT SERVICES CORP.