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High-Density PolyEthylene (HDPE)

High-Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) or PolyEthylene High-Density (PEHD) is a polyethylene thermoplasticmade from petroleum. HDPE can be heat fused together to form a joint that is as strong or stronger than the pipe itself and is leak free.

Choose us for our next HDPE project!

  • Produced in customs lengths and diameters to meet the needs for your project
  • About one-eighth the density of steel, it does not require the use of heavy lifting equipment for installation
  • Cost Effective, Long Term and Permanent---the service life for HDPE pipe is 75-100 years.
  • Will not corrode or support biological growth
  • Has a smooth ID that does not corrode or tuberculate and maintains its flow capability over time
  • Well suited for dynamic soils including areas prone to earthquake

The following are individual pdf files.